Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Amazing Sink

"Oh WOW! Please let me try it!!"

You'd have thought I'd been given a sports car, not offered a glass of water.

"Look! Look what I just did!"

You'd have thought I'd won the lottery. Or at least discovered a hidden stash of chocolate. Not turned on the tap.

She laughed with me. My first visit to her flat and I treat the sink like a miracle maker.


'Cos I could use it safely and easily, all by myself.
The joy of an accessible sink.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Anyone for a Zimmer frame?

I got one on Friday.

Ok, so technically it's a walking frame, but in terms of street-cred it's definitely in Zimmer territory.

And technically I didn't do this till Saturday. On Friday upright wasn't a sustainable position under any circumstances.

And even more technically, I may have dislocated my wrists in trying out silly balances.

However, that is all irrelevant. I have a zimmer which I shall officially be using to practice walking in the carpark by my flat. I may possibly unofficially use it to try out acrobatic balances and attempt to copy olympic gymnastic manouvers.

(And blame @JackBinstead from twitter for this blog entry. He was pestering me for a picture!)

P.S. I really do have pink DM boots. And they are marvellous.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Proper Illustrator

I find it funny when I tell people I am an author and illustrator.

I mean, authors are people like J K Rowling - hugely successful and absolute genius, who write proper books. I do books with storylines like "put wellies on, jump in puddles, get wet. go home" (with added joy). Hardly award winning genius :D
And illustrators? People like Quentin Blake, who's pictures featured heavily in my childhood. I draw stickmen. Stickmen are what children draw. So simple...

...and yet.....nobody else seems to use stickmen like I do. Make them live on the paper in quite the same way.

 I have no qualifications, no training. Seriously, do I have the right to claim this profession as my own?

On Wednesday I was chatting with a friend. We hadn't had a really good catch-up since before Christmas. I told her the basics of how Stickman Communications was going.

Since Christmas, my work has appeared (or will shortly appear) on
  • available for download - One image was downloaded within 2 hours of becoming available!
  • the fundraising T-shirts of an American charity
  • car-stickers and mugs for the HMSA
  • the newsletter for Oxfordshire Unlimited
  • a blog header for a London-based blogger
  • a comedians website
  • an NHS patient information leaflet on PoTS
  • an Australian wheelchair services leaflet
  • the newsletter for the Calvert Trust
And I will be doing a book signing in WHSmiths, Didcot on Saturday 24th March.

I still find it funny when I tell people I am an author and illustrator. It still feels like I don't really qualify.

But actually, although I might not be a conventional one, or in the same league as JK Rowling or Quentin Blake or Rolf Harris,

I am Hannah Ensor. Author and Illustrator.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Wheelchair Symbol - for download

[UPDATED to add: Symbol No Longer Available Through Shutterstock. Please contact me direct on to enquire about a licence to use it.] 

I am always surprised to see that I get so many people finding my last post on a 'new wheelchair symbol' through google searches.

Clearly, people like the thought of changing the existing one.  Surely there are lots of alternatives that I would like out there? actually, there aren't many at all.

There are many variations, but they either show a 'racing pose' or look just as 'clunky' and 'rigid' as the traditional one. As I said in my previous blog entry 'New Wheelchair Symbol' I don't like 'sporty' versions unless they are in a sporting context. When people see me rolling actively they find it easy to see that I may possibly have a fullfilling life. If I'm being pushed the attitudes change. Therefore any sign I like as a generic symbol would need to show the wheelchair user in a positive life whether 'amazing physical prowess' is present or not.

I have never seen a logo which gives even a hint of the joy and freedom that my wheels have given me. That I see and immediately identify with.

So, with my experience and confidence as an illustrator growing, I've updated my previous symbol (see blog entry 'New Wheelchair Symbol') to the following:
New Happy Wheelchair Symbol

Various colours and styles of high quality versions are available for purchase and download from [UPDATED: No Longer Available Through Shutterstock. Please contact me direct on with any requests to use it]  - search for 'Happy wheelchair symbol' and you'll find them! (Or see the link to my most popular, and most recent images available here)

My dream is to see them gradually spread across websites and business - helping people see past the disability and appreciate the person.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

My images for your use!!

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:

I did it!! You can now purchase and download my cheerful, positive versions of the wheelchair symbol - as well as a few other stickmen of mine :D

Of course, over time this collection will grow, but we have to start somewhere.

And yes, I am very proud that all 10 of my first submissions were accepted.

So here's to many future sales!