Monday, 25 March 2013

The keyring hunt is over.

I've been looking for a quality keyring to put my positive disability symbol on. But somehow never managed to find 'The One'.

Just now, I discovered THE one. Officially a zip-buddy keyring it can be used for keys - but also clipped on to make those annoying zips easier to pull! How awesome is that?! Not only going to look fabulous with my design, but also be a useful solution for those zippy problems.

Couldn't be pleased-er.

At will be once I've finished my design. Only issue is cost. Can't order huge quantities so can't get huge discounts on production. Might have to sell at £6.00....

would it be worth it?....
would it sell?....
but oh, I love how it looks in my head so much I HAVE to do it...
but will it sell?

Oh the joys of the creative brain-cells warring with the business minded sensibleness which holds the purse strings!

Oh, and wristbands. I must have a wristband. Saying "Differently Normal". These too are being quoted for as I write.

Monday, 18 March 2013

A busy week

You know how sometimes weeks can be both brilliant and hideous?

Last week was one of them.

It was great. Guest blogging for Really Useful Stuff, enquiries about using my cartoons, more guest blog enquiries, possible retail outlets for my stickers and a 'BBC ouch' journalist telephone interviewed me. Which, I have to admit is pretty flattering. So fingers crossed within a week or so there might be an article on me somewhere!

Plus my cartoon of Tanni Grey-Thompson and her lift failure got re-tweeted by Tanni, AND she asked if she could use it on her website.

What more could I want? What a successful week! How marvellous!


It was also 'jab week'. Every 3 weeks I have an Octreotide injection to help manage my (fairly severe) POTS. So it was a week of increased symptoms as the medication levels are at their lowest. Usually I manage this OKish by keeping a close eye out for my 'indicator symptoms' [minor symptoms which I get before I reach the 'shutdown' level of stroke-like, total-zombie symptoms] and take evasive action where needed (adjust posture, temperature, salt/fluid intake, diet, activity levels etc.) And thereby get through it without major mishap.

But with all this going on, well, you could call it a pacing fail.

My brainpower slid gently down hill, I spent more and more time on the floor as blood flow failed to meet demand or heart rate did the River Dance, my coordination went on holiday and my ability to follow a conversation and respond intelligently to questions faded to a cherished memory.

I have very little recollection of what I told the journalist. I do remember I kept completely forgetting what I'd been asked, and what I'd said - and that the only way for me to give any semblance of an intelligent conversation was to lie on the floor with my eyes shut, and hope my adrenaline and determination lasted.

I did try to pace, honest I did, but I think I need to be stricter with myself next time.

So if you contact me in jab week, be warned that I may reply with "not right now, ask me next week" or "can you send me that in writing?". It is nothing to do with you, just my trying to do a better job of recognising my limits so I don't hit them like an express train and suffer the consequences. And don't expect a coherent explanation as to why I'm being evasive - because, quite simply, I probably won't be capable of giving one.

[and before I get any 'oh poor you' responses, I would like to point out that a) I will be fine - it is a normal reaction to my being daft b) it was my own fault for not pacing, c) it was fun, and d) I am still a tiny bit unrepentant.]

Thursday, 7 March 2013

International Wheelchair Day

It is always a privilige to work on the International Wheelchair Day logo, for the annual event on the 1st March. But when you see things like this I realise that my logo design is really pretty insignificant.

A flash mob of wheelchair users in Nepal, dancing with the logo I designed on a banner in the background.
Photo: Minister for Disabilities, Tony Piccolo MLC and Kelly Vincent, Dignity for Disability MLC in the South Australian Parliament celebrate International Wheelchair Day - 1st March by opening and touring one of several open days at the Independent Living Centre, Gilles Plains.

Minister for Disabilities, Tony Piccolo MLC and Kelly Vincent, Dignity for Disability MLC in the South Australian Parliament celebrate International Wheelchair Day - 1st March by opening and touring one of several open days at the Independent Living Centre, Gilles Plains.

It makes me think that next year I want to do something fabulous. Not just design the logo, but be at an event, with others, celebrating together the joy of wheels.

Friday, 1 March 2013

International Wheelchair Day 2013

Today, 1st March, is International Wheelchair Day.

I was hoping to celebrate by going out and about in my chair - being visible, confident, competent and happy. Letting people see for themselves that wheels aren't the end of the world, and that life is still fulfilling and joyous. With the extra glee of free-wheeling down the pedestrianised shopping mall.

That was the plan.

Instead I have a chest infection. It's not severe, but enough to sap my energy and necessitate staying at home. So I instead I shall admire my fabulous new wheels, my wheels of freedom, and appreciate them every time I leave the sofa, and be quietly thankful for expert engineering that has made my independence possible.