Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Objective: Wheelchair

Inspired by Richard Herring's Objective, with Francesca Martinez. 

A program which made me cry with laughter at its oh-so-true-but-unbelievable observations on reactions to the wheelchair. I had to listen to it again, just to ensure it was that funny. It was. And so grew the following stickmen:
(Click on the picture to view it full size)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Stickman Gift Ideas

Some Christmas gift ideas - my favourite stickman products! Available from my website Also available through most bookstores (although they may have to order them in).

Welly Walks and Biscuit Baking

£5.99 each, £1 donated to Whizz-Kidz per book sold. Perfect for 2-5yr olds.
"I urge you all to buy  two amazing kids books and  £1 from each will go to" Fran Williamson, Ex paralymic swimmer.

"I've just had my first read of the new books by  .. they're amazing! I'm buying some for my kids friends for christmas"

"E loves them. She still sleeps with them under her pillow" 

"Do it again! Do it again! Look, it got et! See! the cookie got et!" 7yr old child discovering Biscuit Baking's 'flip book' effect.

"You know you've been pushing it when..."

£6.99 each, £1 donated to The Hypermobility Syndrome Association per book sold. Perfect for all who can see the funny side of life.
"Really funny and a great way of conveying wheelie life." Helene Raynsford, Paralymic Gold Medalist 2008

"Ideal stocking filler gift book" Book shop owner.

"Ditch the leather gloves, this book is THE essential wheelchair accessory!" Carrie B, Wheelchair User.

"That's brilliant! It shows a completely different perspective - and it's so funny." Random chap on the train.

"This has to be the most perfect book for all wheelchair users out there! It is funny, true and gives such a wonderful insight to the world of being a wheelie. So many of the pages in the book have happened to me and the simple but effective way Hannah Ensor has drawn the stickmen is ingenious." 'Loosebones'. Wheelchair user.

Of course, there are T-shirts, more books, communication cards and more on my website too...

Friday, 11 November 2011

Latest Project: Communication Cards

How do you explain to strangers that you are OK when you have fallen in the street and lost your ability to speak coherently? 
How do you say "don't help me up by pulling my arms because they will dislocate" when you cannot talk? 
How do you reassure the people worriedly flapping around you that this is all within 'Normal' and you will be fine shortly? 
And how do you deal with the fear of knowing this is likely to happen and you will be helpless to stop people from damaging you by well intentioned, misplaced 'help'? 

 A friend of mine faces this every time she leaves the house. I too have problems with intermittent speech issues and a body that does things that worry people while I'm simultaneously unable to explain that I am fine. 

 So we thought up a solution: Stickman Communication Cards! (sorry for the long column of pictures - the slide show didn't work)


 I made a set for my friend. But fell in love, so made some for me too. 

Professionally printed, laminated, and on a keyring. Small enough to slip into a pocket. Easy to hold, easy to flip through. And fun - not a disability aid that leaves me feeling inadequate and embarrassed, but one that has such style and glee that I'm almost looking forward to having to use it! 

 With them in my pocket I feel so much safer, knowing that if my body throws a strop at me in public, I have the tools to deal with it. I hope my friend feels the same! 

 The concept can be easily tweaked to suit all sorts of 'non-verbal, important communication' scenarios. Anyone interested in a set adapted to their needs can contact me at

Monday, 7 November 2011

Whooop! I just did some IRONING!


I just ironed! 

At least 4 T-shirts and 2 pairs of trousers. Three Cheers for me!

And no. I'm not being sarky. I am genuinely pleased. Genuinely proud of myself. Smirk.

What was that magic combination of circumstances that enabled such a feat?

  1. Months and months of physio.
  2. My heating is off it's near freezing outside, so the heat from the iron made the temperature tolerable instead of triggering an over-heat collapse.
  3. I found a mini ironing board I can actually set up.
  4. And it's design means I can iron sat on the floor - so I don't fall.
  5. Nothing had pleats or other complicated thingys that require finely tuned coordination.
So now I bask in my sense of achievement and the haze of painkillers as I reattach my wrist, wibble other wonky joints back into place and try to get my neck to stop switching my quads off.

Hehehe. I did it! I ironed! All by myself.

And now it's time to make dinner......

*looks at current physical state*