Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Proper Illustrator

I find it funny when I tell people I am an author and illustrator.

I mean, authors are people like J K Rowling - hugely successful and absolute genius, who write proper books. I do books with storylines like "put wellies on, jump in puddles, get wet. go home" (with added joy). Hardly award winning genius :D
And illustrators? People like Quentin Blake, who's pictures featured heavily in my childhood. I draw stickmen. Stickmen are what children draw. So simple...

...and yet.....nobody else seems to use stickmen like I do. Make them live on the paper in quite the same way.

 I have no qualifications, no training. Seriously, do I have the right to claim this profession as my own?

On Wednesday I was chatting with a friend. We hadn't had a really good catch-up since before Christmas. I told her the basics of how Stickman Communications was going.

Since Christmas, my work has appeared (or will shortly appear) on
  • available for download - One image was downloaded within 2 hours of becoming available!
  • the fundraising T-shirts of an American charity
  • car-stickers and mugs for the HMSA
  • the newsletter for Oxfordshire Unlimited
  • a blog header for a London-based blogger
  • a comedians website
  • an NHS patient information leaflet on PoTS
  • an Australian wheelchair services leaflet
  • the newsletter for the Calvert Trust
And I will be doing a book signing in WHSmiths, Didcot on Saturday 24th March.

I still find it funny when I tell people I am an author and illustrator. It still feels like I don't really qualify.

But actually, although I might not be a conventional one, or in the same league as JK Rowling or Quentin Blake or Rolf Harris,

I am Hannah Ensor. Author and Illustrator.

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