Friday, 6 February 2015

Posture problems

Today is a slightly unexpected floppy day (but not wholly unexpected if I am totally honest.)

The kind of day when, as I sit here at the computer, after a few seconds I find I'm sitting like a sack of spuds. And exhausted. And brain-fogged. And generally rubbish.

Sitting like this really isn't good. It causes me all sorts of back and neck issues (some of which worsen my fatigue and brain fog), but I simply can't keep remembering to sit upright. I'm too tired and it just isn't happening!

Then I had a brainwave - switched my office chair for my gym ball.

I now have to sit up and engage my muscles.

And when I decide I've had enough - I go and rest - e.g. lie down supported in a good position.

And then return to upright when I can.

And actually, it seems to be working!

Short periods of active but gentle muscle usage, with rest periods of however long is needed.

It might have taken me 3 rest breaks to complete this blog and picture, so yes, this blog has taken longer than if I'd sat on my office chair. But instead of having gone the 'push through' route, and now reached the 'cannot funtion, but at least I did that one job' state, I am now wondering which task to take on after my next break - because the little bits of upright aren't turning me into a zombie, and I also know I'm giving important core muscles a gentle but effective workout.

The years of core exercises are paying off - I couldn't have used this technique a few years ago, but I guess the philosophy would be the same - little bits of sensible have a much greater effect than longer patches of desperate.

I declare this to be a win-win gym ball situation!

(And in case you haven't seen them already, have a look at my leaflets on common misunderstandings between patient and medical staff in the areas of Pain and Physiotherapy - cos I guess a lot of this is stuff medical professionals try to tell us...they just don't always speak the same language as we do!)