Off Road Adventures

This section of my blog is about the off-road powercahir, the X8 Extreme.

Wheelchair made by magic mobility, Australia.
UK stockist:


Mission X8 Freedom #3 - Flying wheels!

Mission X8 Freedom #2

Mission: X8 Freedom #1

The start of a new mission


  1. Oh wow!
    My mobility and exercise has been getting more and more difficult the hillwalking and backpacking I did before my accident and CRPS is a bittersweet memory. This chair is amazing and looks right for my needs. I've contacted the company you used and mentioned that I saw the details on your blog.

    Now I'm working my way through your blog , ordered the cup covers and drawing plans for a cool vest. So many themes of your posts are things I am facing from my point and others I don't know.

    Just seeing a card with CRPS on felt good strangely in almost the way I felt as a child when I found a keyring or some other little thing with my name on it. I'm not sure if I should be worried about that?

    I'm looking forward to receiving the items I have ordered from your website and also in using them when I return to university. As a mature student whose disabilities are mainly invisible these will be fantastic.

    On a last note, Dr Martens I have two pairs navy blue and sparkly purple. My happy boots and my confidence to face the world boots. My Doctor Marten' s boots.

    Catherine :)

    1. It is a fab chair isn't it :D
      And YAY for DMs - I have deep red, jade with embossed flowers, light pink with etched roses, whtie and bright pink. All with zips :D

  2. Just had to re-read this for a bit of a chuckle


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