Wednesday, 12 September 2018

A day of Acceptable Flop.

As many of you know, I'm hypermobile.

A big part of managing my hypermobility is learning to use my muscles to keep my joints from flopping to end of range and stretching ligaments even further.

However, this doesn't mean I never flop. Sometimes I just don't have the energy for anything else. Mental or physical.

This morning I did stuff (an opticians appointment!) this afternoon I'm flopped.

Or, as I originally mis-typed it, flooped. Which also seems applicable.
Image: a stickman slouched at a computer looking exhausted. Text "Today is not a day for brain. Nor a day for enthusiasm. It is a day for temporary flop and gentle attempts at semi useful tasks."

I still need to try and avoid real extremes resting positions, but levels of curling up and supporting one body part on another (like head on hand, arm on knee etc) which are bendy but not at the limit of my range are fine. Flollopy fine.

I could run off determination and adrenaline, and force myself to do stuff - which gives the impression of energy. But that will mean I take loads longer to recover, and I don't need to. 

So instead I'm declaring acceptable flop for at least a few hours, which involves a lot of sofa, some gentle moving, and a few short tasks at my computer in whatever position works for me. Provided it's not at my maximum bendy positions.

Happy flooping to anyone else having a similar time - I wish you a speedy recharge!