Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Wheelchair Symbol - for download

[UPDATED to add: Symbol No Longer Available Through Shutterstock. Please contact me direct on admin@stickmancommunications.co.uk to enquire about a licence to use it.] 

I am always surprised to see that I get so many people finding my last post on a 'new wheelchair symbol' through google searches.

Clearly, people like the thought of changing the existing one.  Surely there are lots of alternatives that I would like out there? actually, there aren't many at all.

There are many variations, but they either show a 'racing pose' or look just as 'clunky' and 'rigid' as the traditional one. As I said in my previous blog entry 'New Wheelchair Symbol' I don't like 'sporty' versions unless they are in a sporting context. When people see me rolling actively they find it easy to see that I may possibly have a fullfilling life. If I'm being pushed the attitudes change. Therefore any sign I like as a generic symbol would need to show the wheelchair user in a positive life whether 'amazing physical prowess' is present or not.

I have never seen a logo which gives even a hint of the joy and freedom that my wheels have given me. That I see and immediately identify with.

So, with my experience and confidence as an illustrator growing, I've updated my previous symbol (see blog entry 'New Wheelchair Symbol') to the following:
New Happy Wheelchair Symbol

Various colours and styles of high quality versions are available for purchase and download from www.shutterstock.com [UPDATED: No Longer Available Through Shutterstock. Please contact me direct on admin@stickmancommunications.co.uk with any requests to use it]  - search for 'Happy wheelchair symbol' and you'll find them! (Or see the link to my most popular, and most recent images available here)

My dream is to see them gradually spread across websites and business - helping people see past the disability and appreciate the person.


  1. I love this icon!
    I'm using it in an accessibility notice in a usability speech I'm giving at work "Usable by design"
    You can see the slides here (the icon is at the end): http://bit.ly/UsabilityTheory
    The shortened link takes you to a Google Slides document.
    Juan Lanus


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