Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Warrington - and difficult questions.

I spent Sunday at the Warrington Disability Awareness Day celebration. It was a lovely event - very well organised, and with a lovely atmosphere. I really enjoyed it.

But there is one question I found really difficult...

"So what is it that your company does? Is it aimed at people with disabilities, or carers or the general public?"

Look: My business plan is "Draw Stickmen about life. Sell stickmen about life. Create stuff that makes communicating easier and more effective. Have a positive mindset, but ALWAYS draw real."

I'm not sure I've consciously created anything specifically for people with disabilities - I have created many many things for the people who meet someone with a disability and don't know how to react, or don't understand or respect the persons limitations or abilities, or go all weird - forgetting basic common sense, assume disability is inferior, or even worse, that disability is automatically some terrible, terrible life which must be constantly full of awfulness.

So although most of my stickmen products are owned by people with disabilities - they are mostly aimed at helping the people they meet to learn to relax around disability - respect but not fear. Disability is not the end of the world, it's just a different normal.

"But is it aimed at people with disabilities? or the general public?"

No. Just no. It is aimed at people. It is aimed at helping people with totally different life experiences to understand each other a little better. It is communication. And there is no point in aiming your communication at one half of a conversation and not the other!