Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nerf Wars

We always go for a family walk at Christmas. It is Tradition.

Only this time we all had nerf guns.

And it rapidly became 'Zombies vs Aliens'

Aliens had guns.

Zombies didn't. If shot, a zombie froze for 5 seconds.

If caught, the Alien dropped his gun and became a zombie too.

We took over a corner of the park. 
All 18 of us, aged 2 to 35.
We ran, we shrieked, we fell over, we got muddy, we laughed. 
And we never did work out who won.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Toothbrush Trouble

I only went to brush my teeth. It all went slightly wrong.
I held the brush, applied the paste then missed my teeth entirely.
I got my mouth alright: 
Right side, inner cheek - so hard it even sprang a leak.
Not even with the bristles
- that I could understand,
but with the blunt and risk-free plastic end!

I admit that sometimes coordination
isn't quite my strongest point, 
but you must agree it's a kinda special
toothbrush jeopardy!