Friday, 30 March 2018

My kitchen's a mess, and that's okay.

My kitchen is a mess.

It gets messy whenever I have a busy patch. Fatigue means I can't do everything I'd like to be able to. So it's normal for me that during a particularly sociable week, or one where work is more demanding than usual, housework doesn't happen.

This week's mess is because of a cold. Yes, it's just a cold. And not even a particularly bad cold.

But it interacts my PoTS in a way which makes my fatigue have a party.

As a result I'm curled up at home while my kitchen gets messier. I could possibly have managed it as my task for today, but I really really needed a shower. Now I'm clean - which feels amazing, but my entire available energy has been used.

But it's okay. As my cold goes and my POTS settles down I will sort it. Perhaps a bit at a time. It's not lazy. It's not shameful. It's a messy kitchen that is going to stay messy until it gets tidied because my top priority is getting over this cold without aggravating or worsening my conditions any more than necessary.

And actually, I think I'm going to buy some disposable plates and bowls when I next go shopping so that when I'm next a fatigue zombie I can eat without creating dirty dishes!

But until then...