Sunday, 26 February 2012

Anyone for a Zimmer frame?

I got one on Friday.

Ok, so technically it's a walking frame, but in terms of street-cred it's definitely in Zimmer territory.

And technically I didn't do this till Saturday. On Friday upright wasn't a sustainable position under any circumstances.

And even more technically, I may have dislocated my wrists in trying out silly balances.

However, that is all irrelevant. I have a zimmer which I shall officially be using to practice walking in the carpark by my flat. I may possibly unofficially use it to try out acrobatic balances and attempt to copy olympic gymnastic manouvers.

(And blame @JackBinstead from twitter for this blog entry. He was pestering me for a picture!)

P.S. I really do have pink DM boots. And they are marvellous.


  1. Fantastic. You always bring a smile to my face Hannah xx Hope the Zimmer Olympic training is going well

  2. I use one and moon walk with it in my AFO's each day



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