Monday, 29 October 2012

In the smell of a teabag

I admit this is random, but it is my blog and I'm entitled to be random.

I just poured a cup of herbal tea. It's supposed to help me sleep - I have, as yet, no idea whether it works, or even what it tastes like as it is still stewing on the side.

However, as I opened the bag and it's scent wafted out, I was immediately a small child again.

Standing with my Dad in the old 'Health Food Shop' that used to be down town. That mix of spices, the sense of being in a place of mystery. Quiet. Always quiet.

I can't remember what we used to buy there, but I remember holding his hand. A place of safety from which to view the fascinating world around me without fear.

I miss my Dad.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stylish Disability Stickers


My stickers are here!

And as usual, opening the parcel felt like Christmas. I am totally biased - I create stuff I like, so unsurprisingly, I love them.

Static cling - so won't leave a sticky residue, with designs ranging from those for putting near the front door to let delivery people know you might take a little longer to open the door, to ones for the car - e.g. letting the driver parking next to you know that you need space left by your car, so you don't get blocked in. All done with humour and charm.

Perhaps my favourite car sticker is this one:

Cos you know what? Sometimes the genuinely disabled person doesn't have a wheelchair, or obvious physical deformity. Sometimes we may look fine, but actually be struggling. So here's a cheery car sticker for spoonies everywhere.

The only drawback is that they have been delivered on large backing stickers with multiple stickers per sheet. I sense that I may develop a close bond with my scissors over the next few weeks. Even if it is a 'need/hate' relationship.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The waiting game...

I've spent months mulling over concepts,

weeks honing the ideas,

days designing and redesigning,

hours tweaking,

And at last sent the sticker files for a sample to be printed!

I'll need to make sure they'll look as fabulous as I want them to. Did I choose the right size (240x65mm)? Did I get the font large enough to read from a suitable distance? Is their message clear? Does the 'static cling' actually cling? Oh so many unknowns.

And then I can approve them for the main print run.

And then more waiting.

And then face the ultimate unknown: Will They Sell?

My 10 static cling sticker designs. They've been so long in their creation I know a few more days won't hurt....but please, oh please Mr Postman, don't make me wait much longer!