Monday, 29 October 2012

In the smell of a teabag

I admit this is random, but it is my blog and I'm entitled to be random.

I just poured a cup of herbal tea. It's supposed to help me sleep - I have, as yet, no idea whether it works, or even what it tastes like as it is still stewing on the side.

However, as I opened the bag and it's scent wafted out, I was immediately a small child again.

Standing with my Dad in the old 'Health Food Shop' that used to be down town. That mix of spices, the sense of being in a place of mystery. Quiet. Always quiet.

I can't remember what we used to buy there, but I remember holding his hand. A place of safety from which to view the fascinating world around me without fear.

I miss my Dad.

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  1. Smells can evoke such powerful memories
    (((hugs))) xxx


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