Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The waiting game...

I've spent months mulling over concepts,

weeks honing the ideas,

days designing and redesigning,

hours tweaking,

And at last sent the sticker files for a sample to be printed!

I'll need to make sure they'll look as fabulous as I want them to. Did I choose the right size (240x65mm)? Did I get the font large enough to read from a suitable distance? Is their message clear? Does the 'static cling' actually cling? Oh so many unknowns.

And then I can approve them for the main print run.

And then more waiting.

And then face the ultimate unknown: Will They Sell?

My 10 static cling sticker designs. They've been so long in their creation I know a few more days won't hurt....but please, oh please Mr Postman, don't make me wait much longer!


  1. I think they're going to sell! It's a great concept.

  2. Most wheelchair users don't take their WC out of the trunk.

    1. Emma - I try not to limit my products to only those 'applicable to most'. I only put 2/10 pictures on this post. Rest assured that there are also versions for those needing 1m clearance at the side, and for 3m to the back of the car (e.g. where ramps are used), as well as other things. 10 stickers won't cover everyone's needs, but hey, it's a fun start.


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