Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nerf Wars

We always go for a family walk at Christmas. It is Tradition.

Only this time we all had nerf guns.

And it rapidly became 'Zombies vs Aliens'

Aliens had guns.

Zombies didn't. If shot, a zombie froze for 5 seconds.

If caught, the Alien dropped his gun and became a zombie too.

We took over a corner of the park. 
All 18 of us, aged 2 to 35.
We ran, we shrieked, we fell over, we got muddy, we laughed. 
And we never did work out who won.


  1. Used to shoot Field Target - can't now. Used to be a First Class archer, with a bunch of medals and a load of records - can't now.

    But, hey, Nerf guns look well worth checking out - I particularly fancy the Maverick. A coat of black paint and it'll no longer scream "I'm a toy!" I know - sad. It's a guy thing. . .

  2. Totally not sad. Although I suspect if it didn't scream 'toy' you might get arrested for wielding it in the park :D My youngest brother is currently at Uni and we have decided that instead of a family meal whenever he comes home for a holiday, we are having a mega nerf war :D Best idea ever - and I don't even have the excuse of being a man/boy :D

  3. That is great. My grandson and I will have one. Even in a wheelchair, I could have fun. Thanks

  4. The Nerf Maverick is the pinnacle of single hand Nerf Weapons Technology. Load the six foam darts into the barrel, give it a spin, and click it back into place. her comment is here

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