Friday, 11 November 2011

Latest Project: Communication Cards

How do you explain to strangers that you are OK when you have fallen in the street and lost your ability to speak coherently? 
How do you say "don't help me up by pulling my arms because they will dislocate" when you cannot talk? 
How do you reassure the people worriedly flapping around you that this is all within 'Normal' and you will be fine shortly? 
And how do you deal with the fear of knowing this is likely to happen and you will be helpless to stop people from damaging you by well intentioned, misplaced 'help'? 

 A friend of mine faces this every time she leaves the house. I too have problems with intermittent speech issues and a body that does things that worry people while I'm simultaneously unable to explain that I am fine. 

 So we thought up a solution: Stickman Communication Cards! (sorry for the long column of pictures - the slide show didn't work)


 I made a set for my friend. But fell in love, so made some for me too. 

Professionally printed, laminated, and on a keyring. Small enough to slip into a pocket. Easy to hold, easy to flip through. And fun - not a disability aid that leaves me feeling inadequate and embarrassed, but one that has such style and glee that I'm almost looking forward to having to use it! 

 With them in my pocket I feel so much safer, knowing that if my body throws a strop at me in public, I have the tools to deal with it. I hope my friend feels the same! 

 The concept can be easily tweaked to suit all sorts of 'non-verbal, important communication' scenarios. Anyone interested in a set adapted to their needs can contact me at


  1. Perhaps one saying "A large brandy please!"

    And one in letters of fire for idiot ambulance staff who don't heed "Don't lift me by my arms!"

  2. Excellent! This would be great for those times where I am non-verbal after an accident and I am distressed.

  3. Absolutely brilliant, I love them.

    Your stickmen always make me giggle, what a brilliant idea for those days when speech just won't happen. I could do with a rdouble sided one:

    "Really, I'm NOT drunk!"

    "Ok, now I'm drunk!"

  4. I WANT!

    I'll have to email you later about it though, don't have time right now. Just wanted to drop in and tell you that these are FANTASTIC. <3

  5. FANTASTIC IDEA! I love it. You are brilliant.

    I might have to think about ordering some from you.

  6. I'm desperate for a set of these! They're awesome!

  7. With this unexpectedly positive response, I will be adding the cards to my shop -
    And should anyone want a card not listed, they can ask :)

  8. I would absolutely love a set of these, but can't see them in your shop - will they be up soon?

  9. I'm hoping to have them on the shop by Tuesday 15th - although it may take a few days to dispatch them once ordered because I need to get some more printed.

  10. Ah, OK. I shall keep looking then, thank you :) there's some other stuff I want too so I'll wait and order it together.

    I really really love your stickmen. I've got HMS and have been sat here looking through the shop going 'look! stickmen who are like me!!'

  11. Now available on my website:!

  12. LOVE my cards, loads and loads. Thank you Hannah you diamond x


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