Monday, 7 November 2011

Whooop! I just did some IRONING!


I just ironed! 

At least 4 T-shirts and 2 pairs of trousers. Three Cheers for me!

And no. I'm not being sarky. I am genuinely pleased. Genuinely proud of myself. Smirk.

What was that magic combination of circumstances that enabled such a feat?

  1. Months and months of physio.
  2. My heating is off it's near freezing outside, so the heat from the iron made the temperature tolerable instead of triggering an over-heat collapse.
  3. I found a mini ironing board I can actually set up.
  4. And it's design means I can iron sat on the floor - so I don't fall.
  5. Nothing had pleats or other complicated thingys that require finely tuned coordination.
So now I bask in my sense of achievement and the haze of painkillers as I reattach my wrist, wibble other wonky joints back into place and try to get my neck to stop switching my quads off.

Hehehe. I did it! I ironed! All by myself.

And now it's time to make dinner......

*looks at current physical state*


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