Monday, 25 March 2013

The keyring hunt is over.

I've been looking for a quality keyring to put my positive disability symbol on. But somehow never managed to find 'The One'.

Just now, I discovered THE one. Officially a zip-buddy keyring it can be used for keys - but also clipped on to make those annoying zips easier to pull! How awesome is that?! Not only going to look fabulous with my design, but also be a useful solution for those zippy problems.

Couldn't be pleased-er.

At will be once I've finished my design. Only issue is cost. Can't order huge quantities so can't get huge discounts on production. Might have to sell at £6.00....

would it be worth it?....
would it sell?....
but oh, I love how it looks in my head so much I HAVE to do it...
but will it sell?

Oh the joys of the creative brain-cells warring with the business minded sensibleness which holds the purse strings!

Oh, and wristbands. I must have a wristband. Saying "Differently Normal". These too are being quoted for as I write.


  1. I think they're wonderful :) and practical too, hooray!

  2. *does the I-need-this-lots-in-purple dance*

    I have a giant bunch of keys. I have my car/house key, and keys for about three friends' houses, and lots of keyrings. This infuriates hubby when he wants to borrow my car, he just wants the car/house combo. So if that was on an easily-removable keyring, I wouldn't get so annoyed with him.

    YAY for marital harmony <3

    1. hmmm Doing in different colours is expensive, so initally they will only be in 2 colours: probably pink and green. Because those are my corporate colours, and they make me smile. If they prove popular I'll be able to expand the colour range. Wristbands, however, I can do in purple ;)

  3. Hannah, how much would you need to fund a larger number upfront? If it's not a huge amount, maybe some of us could help you get that money, so that you could sell them at a lower price?

    email me at

    1. Thanks for the offer/idea. I think I'm going to be able to reduce the price slightly anyway. Have emailed you a little more info.

    2. Ok - I'm away from the office at the moment but will check my email when back :)


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