Do I need food or movement?

I think this is a PoTS thing, but I have no specific research to back up my opinion so it could equally well be a 'Hannah' thing.  (PoTS: Postural tachycardia syndrome - see PoTS UK for more info)

Either way, sometimes I crave sugar - cakes or biscuits, but what I actually need is movement.

Written down, this seems improbable. Why would I think I'm hungry because I need to fidget?

This is my theory:

PoTS = slightly reduced blood flow to the brain after sitting still for a while (it pools instead of circulating as designed). Not enough to make me faint, but enough to cause fatigue and make concentration difficult.

Sugar = energy. A quick, easy, boost which requires very little digestion. An 'kick' of energy that won't last long but will make me feel better quickly, masking other issues.

Movement = increased muscle tone, improved circulation, and thus more blood (and oxygen) up to my brain. And then I feel alive again. I don't need an energy boost because the underlying issue has been resolved.

Not all movement has this effect. Shuffling zombie-style to the kitchen doesn't (not enough of a circulation boost?). Nor does suddenly leaping up and waving my limbs about (sudden postural changes aggravate my PoTS.) The 'right' movement for me in this context is....a mix of ballet, contemporary dance, yoga, and pilates in slow motion. Movement that is slow and controlled, and involves getting as many muscles as possible properly engaged. Core, calves, quads, biceps, intercostals, right down to fingers and toes.

On the other hand, sometimes I genuinely am low on energy and the dance does nothing but make me hungrier - a snack is absolutely what I need.

As a result I'm trying to do a short dance before snacking. My dance earlier today (which reminded me to write this blog) was definitely a 'Movement required' moment. And the movement boost lasted much longer than sugar would.


So if you see me dancing in my kitchen, or wriggling contemplatively in the bakery aisle, don't worry - I'm just trying to work out if I need a doughnut or a dance!

[Image description: 3 images of a white woman with brown hair and glasses standing in a kitchen. Image 1 - facing sideways, with feet apart ('lunge' style) back upright, arms stretching forward. Image 2: facing sideways back arched, arms stretched down and backwards. Image 3: facing the camera, legs together, leaning to her left with left arm outstretched.]