Tuesday, 1 March 2011

International Wheelchair Day

A day to celebrate the freedom wheels have brought:

To cross a room without a thought
To carry a bag without a fall
To converse without having to hug the wall
To spend a day with friends
And keep up until the end.

Obviously I am also totally proud of the fact that I drew the IWD logo:

Getting my wheels 5 years ago may have been a big decision, but also the most liberating. I am so much less disabled when I'm in them. As I have EDS I dislocate all my joints a lot - and trust me, walking on knees that pop out randomly at almost every step is highly inconvenient. I also have PoTS meaning the blood flow to my brain slows down when I stand up (or digest, or talk, or sit) making me get stroke like symptoms and end up semi-concious if I stand for more than a few seconds - although I am improving thanks to a new treatment :D

So I CAN walk - didn't that mean I would be 'faking it' or 'exagerating it' if I used wheels? Aren't they only for 'proper' disabled people? - No. They are for those who would benefit from using them. People like me.

I was at the point where I could hardly do anything at all - and I certainly couldn't do anything in a relaxed and easy way other than lie down. EVERYTHING was a challenge, and at 23yrs old I thought falling over daily was 'normal'. Now I have my wheels I can go shopping, socialise, dance, sail, even do some basic chores on a good day. All things that without my wheels would be simply: Impossible.

I walk where I can and I wheel where I can't. My wheels quite literally gave me back my life. My independance. My sparkle.

So wheels, I thank you for all the time we've spent together, and bring on the future!


  1. Great poem, Hannah. Great logo, too, and it was a pleasure to have you so involved.

    Your story is excellent and truly highlights the importance of the wheelchair to many people as it is to you.

    Thank you.

    Now for the future and the launch of the International Wheelchair Club, which I've just announced on Facebook. I'm guessing you'd like to design the logo for that, too.

    Best wishes


  2. I'm lovin' this blog of yours!


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