Changes to our keyring cards

It looks like we might have to change our keyring cards - but we want to know your views before we make decisions. We probably have a couple of weeks to make the decision (which isn't long).

In the past few weeks, we learned that the cost of producing our keying cards has doubled. Yes, doubled. So to keep the material the same we'd have to increase the price to between £2.50-£3.00 per card!


There's a new material on the market that we've had some rough samples made up with. These would keep the cost close to previous  so if we switch we'll be able to keep the price the same (£1.90 plus VAT per card) but also offer bulk discounts (for example 5-9 cards get 5% off, 10 or more cards get 10% off).

Here's some essential information about this potential new material:

(Note the images and videos here are of sample cards - the positioning, borders etc on the final copies will be adjusted for the different print area on the actual cards.) 

The new material is called 'Nevertear' and made of white polyester. Designs would be printed directly onto it with no lamination. In the video below the top set is the current laminated cards, and the bottom pack is the new material.

They are thinner and with a finish that is more 'silk' than the gloss finish of the laminate - and also less 'slippy'.

This photo shows the how thick a pack of 4 of the new material is (at the top), and a pack of 4 original material (at the bottom.). I'd say the new ones are about 2/3 the thickness of the original ones.

They are more flexible - this video shows how much easier they bend - but they also bounce back.

They work very nicely with the new keyring card covers and dividers (as well as the other accessories we have).

The size would be exactly the same as the laminate on the original cards - with the same rounded corners. (80x110mm). So they can be used alongside laminated cards in a pack. The photo below shows 2 sample cards added into my pack of original style cards

This material is often used in commercial kitchens so the ink is fully waterproof too. I tried scratching the ink with my nails and keys - it didn't damage the ink. But if they are scraped by a sharp end of a split ring when putting them onto the keyring it can leave scratches. So we would tweak the printing slightly to leave a white space around the keyring hole so they don't get scratched up - something like this:

If this material had been available when we started printing these, I would have chosen it. But it wasn't.

If we move over to the new material now it will mean we replace cards in the new material when they run out - so it could well mean around 3 years of selling a mix of the two styles before we switch completely. 
So they key questions are: 
  1. Would you prefer the new material at current prices, or continuing with the current laminate and increasing the price from £1.90 plus VAT per card to ££2.50-£3.00? 
  2. Would you be OK with having a mix of laminate and the new materials within your pack?


  1. I like the look of the new material more so than the older version. Can I also request smaller versions of the cards as a future project? You won't have to worry about the border required for lamination with the new material, and that will give you a good head start on shrinking them down. Obviously text heavy cards won't be able to translate to smaller sizes, but things like "I can't talk right now", "yes/no", "alarming symptom X is actually normal for me, don't worry" and "I need X (assistance, to be left alone,the bathroom, etc)" could easily fit on a smaller card. I find the standard cards too bulky for my current setup, so smaller cards would be super helpful.

    1. At the moment we don't have the cash flow to have multiple sizes available, but it's something we'll keep in mind.

  2. So I’m fine with the new material. It may be worth it to have an option to request material type as inventory allows so that folks with sensory issues don’t end up with mixed packs. I can see that being a challenge for autistics.

    1. Thank you. And I totally agree with the need to allow for sensory issues making mixed packs challenging. When we get low in stock and do reprints, yes, we will sell both options - so people who want the new style can get the new style, and people who want the laminate while it's available can buy it while stocks last.

  3. Really like the new material! :)

  4. I really like the new material and would be very happy with it going forward :)

  5. I'd like the new material.
    I'd also agree with Cass that a credit-card sized option for some cards would be amazing, and I suspect this would be easier with the new material.

  6. I like the new material, and would be happy with a mix of laminate and not in my collection.

  7. i like the new material, especially as it's lighter so nicer to have around neck on lanyard, there's no need for laminate so the corners dont bend or break from use, thinner so it's not as huge of a pack to carry around. it will be a struggle to adjust to new material, even if it is better. the price would also be better. if you stuck with old material then i would spend less on cards because of price. the new material looks so good too - it looks cleaner and neater. the changing of the border does look abit weird but i understand why it's that way.

    a side question: is the 54321 card available online yet?

    1. Thanks for the feedback :) The 54321 cards were the trigger for the change - we technically had them in stock twice, but each time with such major laminated errors we had to send them back. I'm now in the process of updating the designs for the new style cards and hope to send them to print this Friday - then it'll take a week to print them, so hopefully they'll be in stock some time during the week beginning 22nds May.

    2. great, i hope there's no errors. would you update on instagram when the new material is available and what cards are in it, as of that time?:)

  8. I réalisé thé decision at this point has already been made, but I like the look of the new material. I *really* appreciate you flagging the change though, as change is much easier for me when I know it’s happening. This way I can know the cards I receive may be different or mix.


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