Offices: Old and new.

As many of you know, we recently moved offices. And we are now settled in so I thought I'd share the old vs new office pictures, so you can share my happiness.

The old:

This is my old main office room:

And this is the room the office overflowed into:

A bedroom, with so many boxes you can hardly reach the bed, let alone see it.

We have now moved into 'Baptist House' on Broadway, in Didcot. Only one small part - not the entire building!

So this is our new space. I love it. The wall of pigeon holes, the way I have space to move around, and to store things where works for me and my PA, creating efficient workspaces.

The view from the entrance door to my desk at the front of the building.

The view from near the entrance along aisle one of the office: lots of boxes and shelving, all organised and neat.

The view from my desk along aisle two of the office: various shelving and draw units on the left, desk space on the right, and a wall of pigeon holes at the end.

My favourite part is my little 'office zone'. Especially the view from my desk and the beanbag-and-blanket corner.

a desk on the LHS, with laptop and paperwork on. behind that is a very large window overlooking trees, through which an old building can be seen. In front of the window, on the floor in the corner is a large red beanbag with brown blanket on.

I can do a few work sessions on a good day,  provided I have proper breaks in between with whatever combination of nap, food, and TV/audiobook (or indeed, exercise) that I need. It makes a world of difference. 

Perhaps the best thing about being the boss is that I am the only one who has to approve these adaptive working solutions.

I now absolutely love coming to work. It means I go home and leave work behind. Of course, I can still work from home when I need to. Which I did a little bit yesterday. But the fact that I don't feel well enough to go to the office makes me more aware that I shouldn't be trying to do a full day's work. I can do a few basic minimum tasks, but if I'm too flollopy to make it into the office, then I am fully entitled to the day off. It's really quite a revolutionary idea.