Monday, 22 May 2017

A tip for wheeling in the rain.

It's a while since I've wheeled in pouring rain.

I quickly remembered that I do not like spending ages sat with wet knees. 

So, as I sprinted from parked car to station, rather smugly, I adapted my pushing posture. It worked! Dry knees......

..but within 2 minutes reality had seeped through.

I was sat in a puddle.

Take it from me: Wet knees is a lot nicer than.....the alternative!!

I'm now seriously considering investing in a wheelchair poncho of some sort.

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  1. I have a handbag which I attach by putting the shoulder strap around my waist. I keep all the things I need to get to easily in it, so I don't have to twist round to get things out of the wheelchair bag all the time and as a bonus it keeps my knees dry. (I realise that this won't be suitable for everyone.)


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