Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The importance of sitting properly...

Yesterday evening I was making the most of the mild April weather: Sitting with my legs curled up, on a beanbag, out on my patio, leaning back against the house, wrapped in a blanket, reading and enjoying the cool, fresh air of spring while listening to birdsong.


Until I moved. My sacro illiac joints (SIJ's) (a bit below the dimples at the top of each buttock) had quietly and gently gone on strike. Giving the feeling of being bitten mid buttock at the slightest change in pressure on my tailbone.

Experience says: straighten out, and take the pressure off. But I couldn't stand up from that position, and every move was stabbing! The best option would be to have someone pick me up bodily off the floor - so I could straighten without any pressure on the offensive, butt-biting joints. But I live alone.

I sprawled and attempted to inch my limbs into the right positions, the beanbag complicating matters further.

Inch, wince.

I was struck by the inelegance of my position.

Wry smile, inch, wince.

This could take a while. My legs are getting cold.

What if I have to call a sibling to pick me up? How would that conversation go?
"Hi....you got 10 minutes to spare?....I sat on the floor and my butt fell off, and now I'm stuck!"
"Any chance you can pop round?....I'm sat on the patio with a mis-aligned butt and can't get up!"

The mere thought gave me the giggles. Not helped by imagining the laughter such a call would generate.

Laugh, wince, inch, wince, laugh, wince....breathe!

Did you know that when you laugh your pelvic floor tenses and pulls on your SI joints? I was now being stabbed by each attempt to move, and bitten by each laugh.

Laugh-inch, wince


I made it! Legs out in front of me - practically lying down, gently lifting the pelvis - and sure enough my SIJ's returned to normal-ish.

Gonna make sure I sit properly for a bit as the butt's a bit grumpy today, but hey, at least I didn't have to call for back-up!

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