Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New product: consultation. 'Token' communication units.

For much of the past year we've been working with Bowman Additive Production to create a wearable alternative to our popular wristbands, but which have greater flexibility of fit and use.

The unique unit now taking shape is sturdy, lightweight, washable, durable, latex free and made of non-toxic, medical grade plastic, with a slightly textured, tactile finish.

This is the latest prototype - it's nearly ready to pilot!

(copyright (c) Hannah Ensor 2017)

The unit itself is just under 4cm square and less than 1 cm deep, and allows tokens to be easily slotted in and out.

The unit can be clipped onto a lanyard, keyring, or used on the badge-reel shown.

There will be various tokens available - each one double sided allowing tokens to be changed quickly and easily. Longer term we plan tokens for can speak/can't speak, need help/can do this myself, recharging/recharged - and more.

But we have to start somewhere: the first token set will be 'traffic lights' - the equivalent to the wristbands, with red, amber, and green - and a 'condition management in progress'.

These are the current drafts of the 'traffic lights' tokens.

Prices aren't finalised yet, but the unit is likely to cost around £10, and the tokens £2.50 each (although we are working to reduce these costs, and buying them as a 'pack' will be cheaper.)

We'd love your feedback or thoughts on this 'traffic lights' sets - and on the unit.

Feel free to send feedback as a comment one here, or via twitter (to @stickmancrips) on facebook (to Stickman Communications by Hannah Ensor) or via email (admin @ - without the spaces) But be quick! Production isn't far away......


  1. I can't wear anything around my wrists but this I like the look of.

  2. A small bag to carry the tokens not in use would be helpful.

    1. Yes, I'm currently working to try and source - or design and find a manufacturer of a small wallet that will carry the tokens neatly and easily. So hopefully by the time we launch the unit, we'll also have a token-holder.

  3. This is great. After badly breaking my right wrist I cant wear standard bracelet sizes as they are tight. This would be great and more flexible.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a great idea! I've never been taken with the idea of wristbands, because at home I don't really need them, and as I'm pretty much always cold anyway, it's awkward to fit anything on my wrist underneath all the layers of thermals and cardigans. But this I might actually be able to use at work - and I LOVE that they don't say 'today is', so swapping them to reflect ever-changing symptom levels makes a lot more sense. Plus the 'condition management in progress' is simply genius!

  5. I would really love a set of three tokens that match the communication badges that are used at some conferences, particularly autistic-based ones! They refer to what level of communication you feel ready for that day, whether it's with anyone, only people you know, or no one at all. I know that'd be so super helpful for me on a day-to-day basis!

    A link:


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