Friday, 10 February 2017

"What have you done?"

I dread this question.

"What have you done?!" I risk being asked every time I leave the house, and inevitably it is followed by a outpouring of unwanted - and unwarranted - pity for the fact that I'm disabled.

Today as I was leaving my Mum's house, her neighbour arrived home. I've not actually met him before. I was using one crutch - having been able to park within 2 metres of the front door.

We said hello. And then...

"Uh oh, what have you done?" he says.

Me: (Thinks: Oh no. Another 'oh that's so terrible' pity flood to cope with.)
"Actually, it's better than my usual wheels. This is progress!"

Him: "Oh." Grin. "Enjoy it!"

I expected the 'pitiable' assumption, but what I got was the assumption that I could - and would - go and enjoy my day.

Sometimes it's lovely to be wrong.


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  2. I tend to get that response so I don't actually dread being asked. I used crutches for a very long time before the wheelchair took over. I tend to just manage hobbling the distance to my car when it's parked on the road. My sixteen year old daughter hates it when I use my little mobility scooter for freedom when shopping. She says it makes me "look like an old cripple" (her tactless words) and she would rather I used my wheelchair or crutches when out with her "as anybody can hurt their leg". She's a brilliant helpful and compassionate young lady who has attended Young Carers for many years. I do understand what she means as it took me years to use my wheelchair in places where I may possibly see anyone I knew. I had a real problem with being seen in it and would go shopping three towns away from home. I've found acceptance now though it took me a lot of years.


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