Thursday, 23 February 2017

Customer consultation: Keyring card dividers and folders

For some time I've noticed that many of my customers (including me!) have quite a few stickman cards. Sometimes having lots of cards can mean that finding the right card quickly is tricky.

Over the past 5 months I've been looking into various possible solutions and have come up with the following:

A set of 4 polypropylene dividers that is the same size as a card, with a tab - so they will be durable, waterproof, wipe clean, and wont fray or disintergrate at the corners.

The sample ones I made are clear, but the actual dividers will be opaque, and in 4 different colours so it's easier to see them (blue, green, yellow and red). The dividers can also be written on with marker pen.

 And I have also found some sticky 'tabs' which can convert the cards and dividers so they fit into any standard 2 ring ringbinder, and also pocket filofaxes! (If you later want to remove the sticky tabs, and don't want sticky patches on the back of the cards, nail polish remover works well.)

So I now have my set of 20 cards plus the prototype dividers in my old pocket filofax (150 x 130 x 30mm) and I love them!
Photo of my pink pocket filofax with some cards in it, and to the left are a set of 2 tabs and a 'cuppa needed' card.

Photo showing a tab being looped onto the first ring of the pocket filofax. - one is already looped onto the 5th ring. (Make sure the tab is sticky-side up!)

A photo of the 'cuppa needed' card being placed onto the sticky tabs, and stuck down.

A photo of the finished filofax of cards and dividers.

Another photo of the finished filofax of cards and dividers, with the section of cards being flipped over.
Creating the overall effect of having a totally customisable and durable book explaining my normal, which can be used to answer 'whats wrong with you?' questions in both social and medical contexts, and as a way of clearly explaining needs and symptoms.

(Cards not included. Neither is the the file so you would need to get one from elsewhere - there are some really lovely pocket filofaxes around.)

So, would you be interested in a pack of dividers for around £3.50?

And would you be interested in a 'conversion pack' of 50 sticky tabs (enough for 4 dividers and 20 cards) and the 4 dividers for around £8?

Please let us know by commenting on our FB post, on here, or on twitter.

- We won't stock them if no-one wants them, but if lots of people want them, then we will!


  1. Great idea. I love it as its a safer way to store the cards as the single hole can snap if your not careful.I love the idea of the dividers too. :)

  2. I really like the idea of being able to keep my cards in a protective cover, especially as they are starting to get scuffed. But - I currently have 21 cards divided into 3 subject areas, and there are a couple of other things I'd love to have cards about (will email you about these when I'm less foggy!) - and I wouldn't want to have to pay £16 for 2 sets of tabs and dividers, especially as I wouldn't need the extra dividers. So is there any chance of your selling the tabs separately and in smaller quantities, say for £2 per pack of 20?

    PS Sorry if you get this comment more than once, preview doesn't seem to be working for me today, not sure if it is sending comment to you or just deleting it ...

    1. Absolutely! I will sell packs of separate dividers, and packs of just the sticky tabs too. - in fact, I'm hoping to have them in my shop later today!


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