Monday, 9 January 2017

Stickman talks at NAIDEX, Birmingham

It's official! I (and the stickmen) will be running 2 seminars at NAIDEX this year.

Bridging the Gap: Improving communication between professional and patient.


Helping people around us to understand our hidden symptoms and disabilities.

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Both are scheduled for Wednesday 29th March but I don't think the timetable has been completely published, so keep an eye out for the times.

The reasons behind my topic choices are simple:

Bridging the Gap:
I've experienced a lot of medical misunderstandings and mis-communications throughout my life, but with hindsight I can see they didn't only frustrate me, and waste my time and energy, but also the professionals trying to help me. So 'Bridging the Gap' is all about addressing this - a step towards a future where health care professionals are better equipped to create effective working relationships with their patients.

Understanding hidden disabilities and symptoms:
This is full of things I wish I'd been told earlier. Things that helped create understanding and acceptance of my quirks, and made it easier for me to live well with my conditions. Through running Stickman Communications I have realised these are also useful to the thousands of others living with hidden disabilities symptoms. It is a topic so close to my heart that it tends to creep out into everything I do, so unsurprisingly it's taking center stage in this talk at Naidex.

NAIDEX has free entry, anyone (professional, patient, family, carer, random person who is interested) can come to either talk - or even both!

I hope to see some of you there.

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  1. Hello Hannah – we are coming to NAIDEX too this year (just like we've done for the previous 2 years), but like you we have just moved house and so this year will be different! For once we'll be able to say "yes, that looks very interesting and we'd like to find out more" rather than the usual "that looks interesting for when we've moved house, but we're still looking".


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