Thursday, 15 December 2016

What is a 'Good Day' with a chronic health condition?

Good days are strange creatures.

Yesterday was a bad day.

After a long period of 'annoyed' POTS, and a sleepless night my POTS symptoms were severe. By severe I mean every time I spoke my heart rate went loopy. I couldn't concentrate or function. Coordination was pretty non-existent. Conversations sat up weren't happening. Standing with any sensible level of stability wasn't an an option.

I had an essential appointment - which I got through by lying on the waiting room floor, and then lying down during the appointment, and the rest of the day was for recharging - because nothing else was a realistic option.

Today is a good day.

It is a good day because my POTS symptoms have reduced to my normal. I've been able to do 2 short stints of work and a few other bits and bobs. I actually felt properly alive this morning. Clear headed. And after a day like yesterday, a period of mental clarity is the most beautiful thing imaginable. Of course, normal living stuff will create symptoms, and my energy reserves are very low, but trust me when I say that in comparison, today is just fabulous. If I pace it right and I move often enough and lie down often enough there's a good chance I can periodically get back the clarity of thought throughout the day. I even had a shower, and recovered from it within an hour!

It is marvelous to feel SO much better than yesterday.

True, my left arm is grumpy. Got a bit of nerve trouble from my bendy elbow annoying the nerve, and something going on at the shoulder. The result is that my left arm is moderately useless and nerve-achey. My pelvis is also grumpy. And I still have all my normal symptoms, But it's still a good day. Because I can work round these and manage to achieve various little things that don't aggravate those areas too much, and without my symptoms putting a total roadblock in the way.

If I tried to go Christmas shopping today, I think it would be a bad day. My symptoms would create direct barriers to what was trying to do.

Thinking about this, perhaps, for me, a 'Good day' is where I can match my abilities/symptom level to a constructive 'To Do' list that results in me achieving things without unacceptable escalation of symptoms.

I like this thought. Because it means that if I plan carefully, it gives me the potential to have a good day, even when I might be really quite symptomatic in some areas.

Here's to managing to complete today's 'good day' by keeping my activities within my limits! Which means that I am now off for a lie down.

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  1. That is all so interchangeable for various conditions too. Well written.


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