Friday, 23 December 2016

Disability, innovation, and mattress moving.

My older sister currently lives abroad, and she's staying with me for Christmas - we're having a lovely time so far, but this blog is about preparing for her arrival.

You see, the 'space' where her bed (mattress) needed to go was actually a stack of boxes full of stickman products. Too heavy for me to move. And with no-where else in my flat to put them.

But it's OK. I had a solution: My 13 year old niece, K, (my brothers daughter) loves helping me out with stuff, and my older sister has a storage container not far away to which I have the keys. K can carry the boxes to my car, we'll drive to the storage place, then K can unload the car into the storage container.

Oh, and while we are there, we'll collect the mattress from storage for my sister to sleep on.


All went fabulously.

Until we realised there was no possible way for K to lift a heavy, sprung mattress from the container, over a few metres of muddy gravel, and into the boot of my car. Which was already as close as it was possible to get.

I was barely staying upright when fully braced (including knee pads) and leaning against the car. No way could I help carry it using any lifting technique I'd previously encountered.

Never fear! We invented the 'tortoise' transport method!

It worked rather well.

And actually, carried like this it wasn't nearly so heavy. And was bizarrely comfortable.

True I had a few interesting aches afterwards, but come on, admit it, the tortoise transportation method is awesome!


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  1. Haha brilliant. I saw it coming (the tortoise) as I do pretty weird things myself for similar reasons. It's really amazing what I can manage to do if I put my mind to it... and it's not at all obvious at first when you just think "well, I can't do that."


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