Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas teamwork with a stranger

It was a beautiful moment.

I was browsing the pyjama* section looking for a gift. Next to me was an older gentleman - doing the same.

We smiled at each other.

"I'm so indecisive!" says the gent. "I hate Christmas shopping, I never know what to get! I don't even know what size she is!"

"Well...I'm a size 10-12, if that helps? And with PJs*, I prefer them a bit big rather than a bit small."

"Hmm. I'll probably go for this size [y] - she's a slightly different size to you."

We continue our browsing along the PJ* section.

"I just don't know" says the gent to me, looking slightly helplessly at an item.

"Well, if I can help, let me know."

We continue our searches. I spot one I like, out of reach on the top line of hooks. "Could you see if there's any size [z]  in that one for me?"

"Of course....why are they always out of the size wanted?!..hang on! Here's a size [z] - and a size [y]"

"Me, That's perfect, thank you!" I take a closer look at it.

"What do you think...this ones a bit more fussy.....I think I prefer that one."

"Well, does she wear short sleeves or long sleeves?"


"Definitely that one then. And the best bit is, if she doesn't like it, you can blame the random woman in the shop!"
[Image description: stickman carton of a woman in a wheelchair holding a pair of purple pyjamas, laughing with a standing stickman with grey hair and a beard, holding 2 different pairs of pyjamas, With a note saying "items have been changed to protect the recipients surprise".]
We laughed, thanked each other, wished each other a happy Christmas, and went our separate ways.

*items have been changed to protect the surprise of the recipient.

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