Thursday, 29 September 2016

Creating Better Communication about Mental Health at The OT Show

Innovative new products from Stickman Communications® that can help people of all ages with mental health conditions to communicate about their needs and how they feel.
Mental health conditions can make talking about anything a challenge – let alone communicating about the condition itself in a way that other people can understand and relate to. Thanks to a recent project with a group of college students who live with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, Stickman Communications® recently released a new range of mental health resources to aid in this area, and samples will be available to view on stand A34 at the OT Show on the 23rd & 24th November (at the Birmingham NEC), along with products relevant to pain, austism, pacing, wheelchair use, fatigue, invisible illnesses and much more.

As is typical of the Stickman Communications® approach, these resources don’t have a medical focus, but rather they address situations and misunderstandings that individuals with mental health conditions want and need solutions to.

The keyring communication cards do not only focus on things an individual wants to say but might struggle with (such as needing to talk, wanting a hug, or needing to explain that they don’t feel able to talk right now), but also on concepts that can be very difficult to explain or are often misunderstood by other people (for example explaining how their anxiety affects them, or what it is like having hallucinations). The cards can also provide prompts for management techniques.

"These cards are incredibly handy and provide a quick way to indicate how you feel or what you need. I find that they are really useful if you want to discreetly make someone aware that you need some extra support. They are also great for explaining what would help on an ‘off’ day."  (Mental health blogger: )

An unexpected outcome of the project was a poster entitled “Mental Health: Things that can help”. “When discussing things which the students found helpful, it was quite difficult for them to come up with ideas, but the ideas they did come up with were so fabulous I had to create a poster out of them”, commented Hannah Ensor (the creative talent behind Stickman Communications®).

“….[These products] help me cope with my mental health issues because sometimes I sit and get bored and fed up and forget things that I could be doing instead of being bored of my own company and seeing this will remind me of other activities I could do to help with my mood.” (Customer review)
The full range of Mental Health related products can be seen at - or come along to stand number A34 at the OT show and have a look at the range of unique products - all created by working with people needing solutions to misunderstandings about their conditions.

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