Monday, 20 June 2016

Inconsiderate parking?

I was about to pop into the Post Office. The accessible parking spaces with their own dropped kerbs were full so I'd parked in a standard space. Just enough room to get out, and the dropped kerb was only about 3m away.

As I was getting my stuff together a van pulled up.

Yup, you've guessed it.

Right between me and the dropped kerb.

Leaving a choice of: trek 50m along the road, behind parked cars which have a tendency to reverse suddenly, or pull out without being able to see or be seen, and wheel round a van into 2 lines of traffic will be attempting to squish into 1 1/2 lanes of road and hope to not get squished.


Not sure I fancy asking a skin-head delivery driver to move his van.....but it's worth a try...

..."um...excuse me, I need to get to the dropped kerb" I tentatively say as he hops out.

Pause. Realisation dawns.

"I'm so sorry!" - he gets straight back in and moves the van so I get safe access.

My 'inconsiderate parking' rant train of thought was picking up steam, but before it got very far, I realised something too.

He had parked considerately. He had clearly thought about other road users in choosing where to pull up, and in pulling up so close to the kerb.

He had just forgotten about wheelchair users who might be parking in non-disabled spaces and needing to reach the dropped kerb. And fair's fair, before I became disabled, I'm not sure I'd have thought of this either.

And his quick, cheerful, and considerate response couldn't have been better.

Hopefully he will remember to be careful about blocking access to dropped kerbs in the future.

And I will remember that skin-head delivery drivers can be charming, and that letting someone know my needs can allow them to switch from apparently inconsiderate yob, to an absolute diamond.

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  1. Silly question... Why didn't you park where the van was if you got there first?

    1. Because the van wasn't parked in a parking space (I was). Me trying to get myself and wheels out of the car into traffic is not wise or safe :)


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