Friday, 17 June 2016

A good decision

Yesterday I had written my to do list.

It was a sensible one, with a few key items. By midday I'd crossed off a good number of tasks.

I took a break - and then came back and looked at the next task, gathering my thoughts to try and push through the fog and get it done. Feeling dizzy and sick but also that sense of 'I must get it done, I must keep going....'

Then it hit me:

If preparing for this important but not urgent phone call is this tough, I won't actually be 'with it' enough to make the best of this conversation.

Not only that, but I'd written a long blog post which uses up a lot of brainpower. It just does. So after writing a very well received blog why should I feel bad about having used up my energy?

I could take another break. I could try again later or leave it til tomorrow.

When fatigue is setting in, it is amazing how liberating a simple decision that 'I don't have to do this now, and I decide not to do it now' is.

It isn't hanging over me as an unfinished task - it is sitting on my notepad, ready for tomorrow. It won't be forgotten, but nor do I need to do it today.

So now I can recharge without fear or guilt.

I can recharge knowing it is what I need.

Knowing that the overall effect will be to achieve more in the long run.

Knowing that here and now I made a good decision.

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  1. I'm with you on this. I have daily to do lists and it's so helpful to be able to reschedule a task to another day, not feeling bad about it as it's not written off just postponed.


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