Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Stickmen: Breaking down barriers for all ages.

The simplicity and clarity of these unique keyring cards and other stickman products from Stickman Communications® create an effective solution to situations where the right words are difficult to find, people don’t seem to be listening, fail to grasp important points, or where the same information would otherwise have to be continuously repeated.

Why would someone who can speak need communication aids? Their creator, Hannah Ensor, says “When I am fatigued, I find noise and crowds overwhelming. But if I tell someone I can’t cope, they often either ask lots of questions (which make it worse) or they don’t understand. It’s horrible. I wanted to find a way to allow people around me to understand and react appropriately, but without making a fuss. The stickmen worked. They meant I could explain in a way people could instantly understand and relate to. They are a pocket full of confidence: If my symptoms kick off, I know I have the tools to deal with it.”

Available in over 100 different designs, these cards are applicable to a huge range of disabilities and symptoms including anxiety, autistic spectrum conditions, asthma, diabetes, dyspraxia, incontinence, fatigue, hidden disabilities, HMSs, mental health, pacing, pain, relaxation, seizures, tourettes, wheelchair use, and more.

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