Thursday, 10 March 2016

New Disability Car Signs!

I love my new disability car signs!
(available from Stickman Communications)


a) they are clear, easy to read and really show up well on my car.

 b) they manage to convey 'I am a person' much more effectively than most of the stickers I've seen.

c) I can easily switch between signs - have the '1m gap needed' for when I have my manual chair, and a 3m gap one for when using my powerchair.

d) When someone else is giving me a lift, I can put the relevant sign in their car.

f) The 'hook' shape means I can also hang it from something - like from the rear-view mirror when parked.

e) The designs cover manual wheelchair, powerchair, scooter, walking stick and 'hidden' disabilities - not just wheelchair use. I've often heard people complain that car signs and stickers don't cater for scooter users, or people who walk, and these at least covered some of those gaps.

So despite the initial disappointment of having to re-design and reprint them due to quality issues with the first run, I am really happy with the end result.

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