Sunday, 27 March 2016

An Easter Walk

I love the freedom that my off road wheelchair (Extreme X8) has given me.

But I think what I love more, is the togetherness.

The ability to enjoy the outdoors with my nephews and nieces, watching them discover new things.

At Harcourt Arboretum, Newnham Courtney, following the Easter Treasure Hunt:

 Apparently this is how one is supposed to use an umbrella.

 Peacocks (when my lap became a safe-haven for the smallest niece, who wasn't convinced they were friendly.

Discovering a clue

And finding "the Smallest tree EVER Hannah! Come and look!" 

Uh oh! Another tree with the lowest branches in reach of my power chair's riser function - it soon became a ladder.

There's a table in the barn.

A truly beautiful trip.

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  1. Looked like a very wonderful time with your niece and nephew. I love your x8 power chair mine doesn't lift up like that my insurance here in the US Medicaid would only cover so much for me but I did get a very nice chair that does get me around and through some tough terrain but nothing like yous. I really love your Spirit I to try to always keep a positive attitude even though sometimes it's difficult but I feel it doesn't do me any good to sit here and whine because I can't walk on my left leg and my surgeon and another surgeon has already turned me down because they have no idea what to do with me. But I am heading for a third opinion because I won't stop trying until someone tells me it's completely impossible for me to walk again on my left knee and leg. I just found out about my EDS about a year ago but have always been told since early 20's that I had fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis which is now in my entire back and both knees feet and hands,bursitis in both hips and shoulders and in my left shoulder a huge calcification deposit which makes it difficult to lift my left arm and use it. But I don't let anybof these things stop me as I see you don't either. You're an inspiration to all of us who are going to be in chairs or anyone who is struggling eit. God Bless you and your family!!


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