Monday, 25 January 2016

X8 to the rescue!

I love my X8 extreme powerchair!


I grew up loving the outdoors. Camping, bonfires, mucking about in the woods/fields.

And more recently I got the chance to help out with managing a small patch of woodland, which my local church owns. On a manual chair I was very limited - not least cos I could only manage to push myself a few metres! So while I still liked being outdoors, it was utterly exhausting and very limited.

The X8 changed all that.

Yesterday I was up at the woods. I did a bit of stinging nettle removal (wearing lots of protective gear and sitting on the floor to do so), and then I moved on to hauling branches that had either fallen, or needed to come down.

Note the lawn tractor (named sheila) with trailer in the background at the end. It is important.


Because later it got stuck on the field - the trailer was too heavy. So Sheila had to be unhitched so she could drive off.

Guess who rescued the trailer?


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