Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Able Label

While at the OT Show in November, I discovered The Able Label.

In short they make easy to put on clothes for people who want to look good.

At the show I tried on their Jersey Shirt. And loved it.

Last week I ordered it.

This week it arrived.

The other day I wore it.

Firstly: No annoyed fingers at trying to do up buttons. Because while it looks like buttons, it is actually velcro. It took a bit of concentration to get the velcro nicely lined up but was much easier than trying to do a shirt-full of buttons.

It is approaching pyjama level comfort, while still looking smart.

And it looks good both on wheels and standing.

Photo of Hannah kneeling up wearing red  able label shirt
Photo of Hannah in her wheelchair wearing red Able Label shirt
Ok, so technically that's kneeling, but still, it works.

I've decided that if I can achieve good stickman sales over the next 4 weeks, I'm going to get it in white too.

Not only that, but as it is classed as a disability aid, all those of us with disabilities get a VAT exemption on the clothing! (Not, unfortunately on the jewelry though)

I also ordered this bracelet. It looked fabulous when I wasn't self propelling and was so easy to put on/off. But it was slightly too loose on my very slim wrists so it kept clunking on my wheels when I self propel and was at risk of catching. This is partly why I hardly ever wear watches or bracelets. The nice ones always hang a bit loose - which just doesn't work on wheels. I suspect it would do the same on my crutches too. So it had to go back.

But the good news is: They adapted it (shrunk it by 1cm) and re-sent it to me! - so if you need the bracelet tweaking, let them know and they might be able to do it before they send it out to you.

YAY for accessible clothing with style!

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