Friday, 29 January 2016

A crafty day.

I like making stuff. I'm not always good at it, but I like it.

And like many with long term health conditions that steal energy, it can be a welcome distraction from symptoms, and also something that means I don't feel guilty for sitting down and taking it easy for a bit. (although it still needs to be paced - If I get too engrossed and sit hunched over for long I'll pay for it)

Last night I was with a few friends doing some decoupage. I glued myself to the keyring I was making multiple times (much the amusement of the others) and learned a lot about things not to do (like don't glue both sides at once - it means you can't put it down to dry, and instead sit there looking silly with it stuck to a finger until part of it dries enough!).

But even if I'd do things differently next time, overall, I love it.

Not least because it is SO me:
1. it has red on it.
2. the music is actual sheet music of on of my favourite classical pieces: Pachelbel's Cannon in D.(I'm listening to it as I write this blog. I find it totally beautiful and really relaxing.)
3. It has a stickman on it, and the stickman looks totally at home. And he's playing my favourite piece of music.

And I got a card from a customer.  It is always nice to know that my work resonates with people - that my experiences are ones they can relate to. But the best bit of it was this:

It is created by spreading wax onto card - the different thicknesses giving the different textures and colours. It's stunning! Apparently it's called 'encaustic art' - whihc I never even knew existed! This is by @sciremotesense (on twitter)

Isn't it fabulous.

So all in all, it was quite a crafty day.

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