Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pacing for the OT show!

From a business perspective, shows like Naidex and the Mobility Roadshow, and the OT show and all the other disabiltiy related exhibitions would be great places for me to promote my stickmen, and raise awareness of my work.

However, there is a big drawback. They are 2 or more days long. Pacing says no.

Single day events like Kidz Down South leave me utterly exhausted, even with 2 people there to help me and do all the selling, so all I need to do is talk. By the time I get home I can scarecly speak and am utterly flolloped. It can take days (sometimes weeks) to get back to my usual level of functioning. My energy is finite, and I don't have enough in the tank to cover 2 days in a row that require coherence at that intensity.

As a small business, where the business plus a few people who help with packaging orders, there isn't anyone else who could run my stall on their own.

And you can't book a stand at one of these and then take it all down after one day (besides, it becomes a bit of a waste if you've paid for 2 days and only use 1!)


No big exhibitions for my stickmen.

But I really really wanted to go to the OT show. I went a few years ago as a visitor and I loved it. And I'm gradually realising that medical professionals like my work, so I thought I'd see if it could be possible. A long phonecall later, and a bit of creative thinking, and we came up with a way that will make it possible!

Instead of selling, I'll just have sample items for looking at/playing with, keyring card brochures to browse, and lots of leaflets so people can order online later. This means I can travel by train which is lots easier than driving, and the energy required to set up the stand will be much less, and I don't have to do any maths (working out change with brain fog is....interesting!).

As many readers will know, I am also Patron of the Hypermobility Syndromes Association and support them in raising awareness and understanding of hypermobiltiy syndromes for both professionals and patients (stickmen products, doing talks, volunteering). And when I go to 'Stickman' events I usually end up doing a combination of stickmen promoting and HMS educating.

So: I will join up with the HMSA for the OT Show, with information from both organisations available on both days

Wednesday 25th November:
I will be there with HMSA and Stickman Communications information available,

Thursday 26th November:
Hopefully an HMSA representative will be there, with both HMSA and Stickman Communications information available. (if no representative can make it, there will still be leaflets available)

So, if you'd like to see some of my products and/or improve your understanding of Hypermobility Syndromes, please come and visit us at Stand C36 at The OT Show. - ideally on the Wednesday!

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