Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pacing, Frozen, and dealing with emergencies.

Yesterday was busy. Getting a more complex image/poster right, and writing a blog takes a lot out of my hands, energy and brain power.

So in the evening I was all set to watch Frozen. Just because.

With tea and cake.

So I'd be all recovered by today.

Until I discovered that the freezer had gone into overdrive and now contained thick ice walls, 2 inches of frost, and possibly a polar bear (there was too much ice to tell) - to the point it was slowly invading the kitchen.

Uh oh.

I had to sort it. Even though the decision making chart would have said no.

This falls into the category of 'emergency pacing.'

When on the one hand: IT MUST BE DONE.

And on the other hand: I'm so gonna pay for this.

So I did it. I successfully emptied and defrosted the freezer.
But as 'emergency pacing' it includes adaptations to minimise and manage the hangover it will inevitably cause:
Empty the ice/melt water bucket regularly so it didn't get too heavy.
When removing loose ice, I wore my winter wheelchair gloves to stop my hands freezing (seriously, they were waterproof and AMAZING) and provide a bit of support.
Did lots of very short sessions at the freezer, popping back to remove melt water, and brush off any loose chunks using the fabulous gloves.
Had a heater lined up to point at the freezer if it was taking too long.
No pulling/hacking/otherwise using force to remove ice.

And changed my plans for today. Last night I could tell my hands were going to be distinctly grumpy, and likely with high fatigue levels. So I re-did my pacing fridge magnets allowing for rest, stretching, short patches of work, and gentle physio.

Sure enough.
Today is tough.
But that's OK.

Because later, I'm watching Frozen (the DVD, not the freezer), accompanied by tea and cake.

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