Friday, 7 August 2015

Drinking without spilling.

I confess. This is not my strong point.

Managing to pour drink down my chin, onto my top and/or on my boots is more of a strong point.

As is knocking the glass off the table. More times than I like to admit.

I've looked at and tried various sippy cups and the like, but not found any that really worked for me.

And then add in the 'I need to drink something, but I really really don't want to have to sit up' factor.

But then I found these.

'Safe Sip' 

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And they really work! (Mine have already saved my laptop and my bed from impromptu showers.)

They are pretty easy to fit, can go on whatever glass/cup/mug I want to use, are easy to clean, and because the straw is held nicely in place, you don't have to do the weird face contortions as you chase the straw around a non-safe-sip-ed cup with your mouth.

And they are cheap. And stylish. And generically awesome.

I now have 3.

The only thing I would say is: don't keep them in the same place as your adaptive cutlery. It turns out they are not immune to sharp knives.

And no. I'm not being paid for this, and have no affiliation with the company :D

Edited to add: However, if you hold your cup upside down, a small ammount will dribble throught he vent in the lid. Thanks to my sister for discovering this. Fortunatley I don't usually hold my glass upside down for prolonged periods.


  1. Nice find. Only this week I managed to 'throw' my weekly treat of decent lemonade with raspberries in all over the bedsheet. Necessitating rescue by family. sigh. I've ordered some.

    PS My 'slow to the door' sticker has been admired by visitors. I'm hoping it will save me from snail like stairlift progress only to find the person knocking has departed...

  2. Thanks for the great review Hannah - we are really pleased you like SafeSip, it has taken us a long time to perfect it and bring it to market. The inventor, Melissa Edmunds, has worked hard to make this product as good as it can be.

    On your Sister's upside down test - there are two pre-cut holes in the SafeSip, which have been engineered as precisely as possible to let enough air in and out (so a vacuum is not created when you drink and to let steam out of hot drinks) but to let as little liquid out as possible if knocked over.

    It is designed to be spill proof, so keeps the vast majority, if not all the liquid in the glass if it is knocked over or dropped on the floor. It is designed for normal everyday use, but if someone does want to have their drink upside down, then yes a small amount will eventually come out but the vast majority will still stay in the glass.

    I hope that helps.

    Thanks again - The SafeSip Team


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