Monday, 6 July 2015

It's a little bit warm!

Being one of the 'heat intolerant' camp, I've been having to take things carefully in this weather.
I struggle every summer. But every winter and spring I forget quite how incapable a few days of 'nice' weather can make me. A couple of hours of relative coherence early morning and late evening if I'm lucky. The rest of the day is 'essentials only'.
'Essentials' being: rehydration, going to the loo, cooling down and remaining conscious. Eating is important, but during the hottest hours it is optional - digestion takes energy and if my body is already failing to cope, trying to make it digest stuff doesn't always work.
So I'm making the most of a relatively cool morning here to write a blog post and do some proper work.

And as it warms up I will be using all the tricks I know to stay within temperatures my body can cope with:
  • Electric fan with iced water in front of it.
  • Cooling vest - truly don't know what I'd do without these!
  • Cold showers
  • Ice lollies
  • spray bottle of cold water for wrists and neck
  • Shut curtains and windows as soon as outside gets warmer than inside.
  • Open doors and windows as soon as outside gets cooler than inside.
  • Do as little as possible when 'melted'. Pushing to do more = exponentially longer recovery.
  • Have the 'Heat Intolerance' card ready for use at all times.
[Edited to add some more tipes 19/06/2017]
  • Sit with feet in a bucket of cold water
  • Wrap a soaking wet cotton scarf (or strip of old bedsheet) around your shoulders.
And I REALLY want one of these hand held air con units! - out of stock of course, but if I ever see them in stock I'm getting one.

And no. Sunbathing is not on the agenda!

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