Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How long does it take to cook a meal?

I just smashed my previous record!

Due to lots of things (dodgy joints, poor balance, fatigue, brain fog, coordination stuff) cooking is not a regular occurrence.

However, a PA who spends a monday slot chopping/peeling/grating a weeks veg, plus a slow cooker mean that sometimes I actually genuinely cook a proper meal.

On Monday I decided I'd cook my standard slowcooker rice/tomato/chicken/veg dish. All in one, of course - what's the point in a slow cooker if you still have to do other cooking?

At 10:00 my PA did the chopping, all ready to put in the slow cooker at 14:00...

And I forgot.

At 16:30 I remembered...but I'd had a late lunch, so I popped it on anyway - it should be ready for 19:30.

Chuck the ingredients in, make sure I turn it on this time (last time I forgot!) - so I double checked the dial.

By 19:00 I was hungry. Hmm...that's odd, I can't smell dinner...

Yep, the dial is definitely on 'high'...but it's not plugged in.

Manage to lift the pan out, and put it in the fridge - it's way too late to cook it now!

On Tuesday I remebered at 11:00. In light of previous track record I decided I'd cook it there and then. Take pan out of fridge, place it in slow cooker, PLUG IT IN, turn the dial, done.

13:00 I'll see how it's's not. I'd turned the dial to 'warm'.

Correct the dial to 'HIGH'.

Forget about it.

17:00 and wondering what to have for dinner.....Oh!

Lets just say it was most definitely cooked by then!

31 hours after starting the process, I finally ate my 'easy' meal. (and put some in the freezer for future days)

It tasted...OK. Wasn't delicious, wasn't inedible. It was OK. Given the state of my brain, even OK is quite an achievement.

Nevertheless, I think next time I'm having a zombie day I'll stick to microwave or cold food!

(Note: There are various food hygiene issues associated with reheating food or keeping it warm for prolonged periods so I wouldn't advise this cooking process for anyone witha weakened immune system! - and if you decide to risk it, make sure final cooking temperatures are higher and for longer than otherwise!)

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