Monday, 20 April 2015

Mission X8 Freedom #2

I don't believe it!

Can this really be true?

I am actually getting an Extreme X8!

Yes, the off-road 4x4 wheelchair which I test drove up Whittenham Clumps 2 years ago. Much of the intervening time was spent thinking "...when I have my X8...." so when the financial possibility opened up, I took it. I'll be paying it off for years and years, but I reckon it'll be worth it! (Although I managed to wangle a discount based on the fact that I'd blog about it, and my blog is read by people with mobility problems :D)

On Thursday Richard arrived (from the UK stockist AllTerrainWheelchairs) I had the joy of deciding what features I want - options for powered leg elevation, seat risers and recliners different joystick and arm rest options - all sorts.

My choices were simplified when I discovered that with the removable back option and a portable ramp this chair will fit in the back of my Ford Fusion! (I'll blog a bit about transporting options another day) This still has  a manual recline function - so I can lie down to manage my POTS when I'm half way up a muddy mountain.

I also opted for
  • the powered 'tilt in space' - so if going down a steep bit, I can tilt the seat so it is level with the ground. 
  • the seat riser - so I can be 6 ft tall, talk to peoples faces, and see over walls and fences.
  • removable armrests.
  • Green paint - because it just seemed right. 
It has headlights, tail lights and indicators - I can go exploring in the dark.

I drove the chair through the fairly narrow side gate and round to where I will be building a storage shed for it, and also managed to drive it through my flat (it's built for outside - but it coped. And with a bit more driving skill, my skirting boards won't loose any more paint).  (I'll blog a bit more about storage another day too)

I'll have to wait 4-6 weeks while it is built and shipped from Australia. But it will be worth it.

This afternoon my Mum is coming round and we are planning a holiday in Derbyshire (probably) - to somewhere as rural as possible and with excellent walks/cycle routes.

I still can't believe it is happening!


  1. When you said it'll go in your Focus, its started me timing, it should go in my Meriva! I'd need a heavier weight hoist but it should x Thinking☺

  2. wow, so exciting. I'm really happy for you. I'm still at the point that although walking on hard surfaces is very painful and really hard work and exhausting that off road walking doesn't cause any pain or exhaustion at all. If I lost that I would be devestated, so this looks like a potential option if I ever get to that point

  3. you should look into the Buxton to Bakewell cycle routes and some of the diused railway walks too (if you go to Derbyshire)

  4. That's fantastic, Hannah! I borrowed a tramper - all terrain mobility scooter - when I went out the other week (I'm fairly mobile but I can't do hills), and while it's not as fancy or as personalised as your X8 will be, it was great to be able to do things a normal mobility scooter just wouldn't tackle - comfortably trundling over tree roots and up and down really steep paths. I am sure you will really enjoy having your own X8!


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