Monday, 3 November 2014

Little things

I love being able to wear snuggly jumpers, and thick slipper socks.

I love warming stews and hot punch.

I love cosy evenings with the candles lit.

And I love how easily amused my 18yr old sister is.....

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  1. Makes me think of when I was on holiday in Keswick near here (the Lakes). I went into a lovely old restaurant with a friend and sat at a (quite small) table with an energetic candle and large paper napkins. As I finished the meal I was in the process of putting my napkin back on the table and it somehow caught the candle so I was suddenly holding a flaming napkin! A young waiter was passing and he took the napkin from me and calmly walked into the kitchen with it as if it happens every day. :-)


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