Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wristbands and Unicorns

Everyone working in the world of printing will be able to tell you horror stories of  misprints, spelling mistakes, pictures that reverse themselves etc. Normally you keep quiet and don't tell anyone your mistake....

But this was too cute.

When I ordered the new 'differently normal' wristbands, as always I got the proof through - and did some colour tweaking....and then it hit me.

My happy little people had morphed into....


Slightly distorted, but still cute.


Both I and my account manager from ideasbynet laughed - then spent half the phonecall discussing the merits of the new unicorn style, before we returned to reality, discovered that the file was corrupted and solved the problem.

Despite having seen the correct proofs, it was still a little nerve racking opening the box of wristbands yesterday....

....would I be faced with a herd of unicorns?

I needn't have feared: a box full of colourful, happy little wristbands grinned back.

And I immediately adopted one of each colour in the childs size -because they are possibly the most happy wristbands in existence:

The moral of the story? Always check your proofs...

....And unicorns can turn up in unexpected places.

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  1. Great post Hannah, great story and lovely new wristbands too!

    When I was a student at Aston University I used to be involved in the entertainments side of things, we booked the band "Incognito", who were quite a famous band at the time, in the charts.

    When we got the tickets back from the printers they were all said the gig was going to be by "Ian Cognito"!


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