Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Yesterday I took my boots to visit the House of Lords.

Yesterday I took my boots to visit the House of Lords. My hot pink Dr. Marten boots.

They were a little bit disappointed because the House of Lords entrance is small and dull compared to the House of Commons entrance. Instead of waiting around in a vast area of catherdral like splendour, we waited in a pokey little waiting room that resembled an underground train at rush-hour. Well, almost.

But as my boots received several compliments, and I was armed with my cooling vest, we didn't mind too much.

We were there for the 'Pain Champion Award' presentation. An award for someone making an exceptional contribution to helping the pain community, which was created buy Pain UK (I am on the advisory board of Pain UK, and hoping to do some awareness/fundraising stickmen work with them too) in conjunction with the British Pain Society (BPS) and the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition (CPPC)

The winner was Peter Moore - he's definitely earned it! As a patient learning to live with Chronic Pain, he came up with and developed the 'Pain toolkit' It's a really good, simple, straight forward and empowering approach to pain management, which has won a huge following and is now used across the globe. I highly recommend taking a look. They're even going to bring an app later in the year (or was it next year?)

And I was delighted to find that Peter himself was a down to earth, plain speaking kinda guy with a great sense of humour. And I was delighted  that when I said I was from Stickman Communications he instantly knew who I was.

My boots initiated several conversations as people approached me with 'I love your boots!' - or confessed at the end of the conversation that they had come over because they'd seen my footwear.

Who knew that pink boots would help me network effectively? They never stopped, even on the train home!

All in all a great day, and I look forward to working with Pain UK in the future, helping to raise both public and professional awareness and understanding of pain and it's effects.


  1. This has nothing to do with the post but I was wondering how you find the quickie helium wheelchair, mine is coming soon, do you have any advice?

  2. Had a quick look before setting off for a journey, so have downloaded for a good look.

    It looks promising, of course, like the analogy of eating an elephant, it actually needs to begin with yourself (or myself).

    1. ? Not sure I understand this comment.

  3. So Hannah...are your boots Dr. Marten's? My three children wear Piedro's and Nimco's and always get comments on how lovely they are! People never realise that they are 'special boots' - we are so grateful that lovely boots are available from the NHS.

  4. I have shiny bright pale bluey purply Doc Martens which people keep commenting on, even random strangers too


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